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With over two decades of experience in Data, AI, Analytics, and Data Science, Aruna has built a robust reputation as an expert in these areas, particularly in the innovative field of Generative AI.

At Capgemini, She heads the Generative AI practice for the Asia Pacific region, focusing on leveraging AI, Generative AI and data science at scale to tackle business challenges across various sectors.

One of her standout areas of expertise is in the implementation of Generative AI systems that are robust, equitable, and efficient.

🔹 As part of the Responsible AI Think Tank at CSIRO NAIC, Aruna passionate about promoting the ethical use of AI within businesses throughout Australia.

As a recognized thought leader in AI and Data Science, She has made significant contributions to the field including being named:

🔹LinkedIn Top Voice in AI for 2023
🔹Gartner Peer Community Ambassador for AI 2023 by Gartner
🔹LinkedIn Top Voice in Technology for 2022
🔹One of the 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics for 2023
🔹World Top 200 Business and Technology Innovators 2022

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AI videos with the goal of educating and providing awareness on AI to businesses are making waves in today’s business world. These are storytelling videos etc. aimed at demystifying AI and detailing the ever-expanding scope for transformation that it provides for all sectors within a company, from customer service reps to marketing managers.

These videos provide an educational “aha!” moment for those who may not be as familiar with AI’s potential, and can be used to show top level management, specific teams, clients and partners potential business uses for AI.

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Articles written by Aruna Pattam, intended to provide a foundation for those interested in AI. It covers a wide range of topics including AI techniques, expert systems and how they can be used, market forecasts on artificial intelligence, applications of artificial intelligence in the workplace , history of artificial intelligence, and the future of AI.

These articles are extremely well-researched, intelligently organized and easy to read.  Don’t miss these articles if you want deep insights about AI and applications of AI in the real world.

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View Aruna Pattam’s discussion on AI related topics as a speaker, host, panelist, moderator, opinionist on events, podcasts, webinars, panel discussion etc.

Here she shares insights on the role of AI in business, trends and strategies for adapting to AI. She also talks on how it can improve automation in business functions, reduce costs with lesser manpower need, bring efficiency and transparency at scale etc.

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Aruna actively engages with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology communities and AI leaders. An initiative to continue the tradition of thought leadership and building communities around emerging technologies.

These communities are focused on AI & ML technology that will help create the next frontier in computing, augment human potential and solve some the world’s most critical problems.  These are complex systems that impact people, organizations and society.

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This provides access to popular articles and resources regarding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Anyone who wants to learn about AI and ML can refer to these resources. This list is not exhaustive but should help in AI/ML classes as well as anyone trying to become familiar with these fields.

The purpose of this list is not to endorse or favor any institution, but merely to provide a convenient starting point for further the knowledge on AI and ML.

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